Transformational Leadership

Institutions worldwide are re-thinking how they prepare leaders, given the magnitude of global challenges and the inability of traditional problem-solving methods and current leadership orientations to drive the paradigm shifts necessary for society to flourish.

Global assessments by the National Academy of Sciences and the International Commission on Education for Sustainable Development Practice identified a critical shortage of leaders prepared for 21st century demands. They call for speedy growth in hands-on, practice-based executive education, graduate degree programs and life-long learning opportunities that bridge knowledge and action, and span three critical areas:  science and technology, policy, and implementation.

Resilience in Action partners with academic institutions, businesses and non-profit organizations to address this gap, designing and offering innovative curriculum through hands-on workshops, executive education, and professional masters degree programs. We integrate theory and practice to prepare leaders to transform complex systems through scalable and sustainable interventions. 


WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM.  Resilience in Action develops talks and workshops to build the capacity of global leaders to practice resilience. In 2014, we led we led a Resilience Journey for World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders to the Peruvian Amazon (see Resilience Journeys).  In January 2015, we gave a talk and led a workshop for global leaders at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.  The workshop session was a crash course in resilience practice, exploring the fundamental features of resilient systems, drawn from diverse disciplines.  Through hands-on exercises, participants evaluated the extent to which they build resilience in their lives and work, and mapped out initial steps to shift their daily habits and decision-making practices toward greater resilience. 

STANFORD UNIVERSITY.  Resilience in Action is partnering with Stanford University to develop a multi-dimensional Transformational Leadership Platform.  The Platform will offer executive education and degree programs, while also serving as a nexus to catalyze cross-sector dialogue and scalable initiatives that enhance global resilience and sustainability.

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